Thai Marriage Visa

Thailand Marriage Visa

It has been a common scenario to see visa applicants get confused with the non-immigrant “O” visa and Thailand marriage visa. The truth is the two visas are basically related as you would need a non-immigrant o visa to be then converted to 1-year marriage visa. The non-immigrant “O” visa represents “other” activities. Majority of […]

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Thai Retirement Visa

Thailand Retirement Visa

Thailand Retirement Visa is given to Australian pensioners who want to have a long term visa to Thailand to stay in the country. It is one of the renowned long-term visas in the Land of Smiles. Also, it is one of the few retirement visas across Asia. Australians aged 50 and above are the only […]

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Thai Business Visa

Thailand Business Visa

Also known as the non-immigrant “B” visa, the business visa serves two different purposes. First is for the entry of those who will be visiting Thailand to conduct business-related activities. Concrete examples of these activities are attending business seminars or conferences. The other purpose caters to foreign employees working in Thailand. Since it facilitates the […]

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Thailand Visa

Long Term Visas to Thailand

For Australians who would want to stay longer in Thailand, you have the option to obtain long-term visas in Thailand. If you plan to do business or seek employment during your stay in Thailand, you will be required to apply for a Thai Business Visa and a work permit. If you are 50 years old […]

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