Thailand Elite Visa Reserve Membership

If you are interested in a redefined luxury lifestyle experience, then the Thailand Elite Visa Reserve Membership is for you. The application process is simple and fast, with a quick turnaround from document submission to approval and membership fees paid.

Submit your application and supporting documents, including your passport photocopy and PDPA form, to your GSSA. Your GSSA will review the application to catch any errors or missing pieces before forwarding to the government for processing.

Membership Benefits

As a member of the Thailand Elite Visa, you get more than just a long-stay visa. The visa comes with a card membership that gives you access to cool services and benefits that will make it easier to live in Thailand as a permanent resident.

The Platinum card provides a 10-year visa, while the Diamond and Reserve cards provide fifteen and twenty years respectively. The membership package also comes with other perks and benefits, including airport transfers, assistance filing your 90 day report, opening a bank account, and access to a member contact center.

Whether you are an investor, digital nomad, retiree, or expat who wants to maximize their time in Thailand, the new Thailand Elite Visa can be the perfect solution. With its comprehensive range of membership packages and unique privileges, this Visa is a dream come true for anyone looking to live in Thailand long-term. Each membership package includes privilege points that can be used for travel, dining, wealth, leisure, and health & wellness.

Visa Benefits

The program offers a selection of membership packages that cater to diverse preferences. The Gold card opens with a 5-year visa validity period and comes at a membership fee of around USD 25,000 per year, while the Platinum card rewards members with a 10-year validity period for a premium of around USD 1.5 million.

The most prestigious option, the Reserve Membership, is by invitation only and bestows a unique set of privileges including airport lounge access, shopping privileges, and VIP seating. In addition, cardholders enjoy yearly health checks at some of the country’s top hospitals.

Once the application process is complete, the applicant will receive an approval letter and membership invoice. Upon payment confirmation, the GSSA will forward the document packet to Thailand Elite Visa for processing. The resulting visa will be issued within 5-7 weeks. Applicants can also expect to go through a thorough background check. This may take longer depending on the tier of membership chosen and individual circumstances.

Extensive Concierge Services

The Thailand Elite Visa Reserve Membership is a premium card and visa that grants the privilege of living in Thailand for an extended period. This program is suitable for digital nomads, retirees and investors who wish to avoid visa runs and extend their stay in the country.

It comes with a number of benefits such as VIP airport services, yearly health checks and access to high-end restaurants and luxury shopping. The visa is valid for up to five years and offers transferability. Members can also upgrade their membership to Diamond for a fifteen-year visa validity and a boost in privilege points.

The process takes 1 to 3 months to complete from application submission to the issuance of the visa. During this time, applicants undergo a comprehensive background check and are required to submit several documents including their passport signature page. Upon approval, members will receive notification and can collect their visa at select international airports in Thailand or at the immigration office in Bangkok.

VIP Airport Services

Anyone legally qualified to enter and stay in Thailand can become a member of the program and acquire a Thailand Elite Privilege Visa. Full membership packages are available for five years, and include a variety of benefits, privileges, and services.

An Elite Personal Assistant (EPA) will greet and escort members at the airport upon both arrival and departure. The EPA will help members with immigration procedures, and also get the Elite Visa affixed to their passports.

Once the EPA has completed all of the immigration and background check requirements, they will deliver a membership ID and welcome letter to the member. This will provide instructions for the member to have the Elite Visa affixed to their foreign passport at one of Thailand’s international airports (Bangkok or Phuket), or a Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate abroad. The affixation process can be completed within one to three months. This is a much shorter timeline than the previous process, which could take up to a year.

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