Thailand Elite Visa Diamond Membership

Diamond Membership offers a long-term visa package and more complimentary perks than any other tier. This is an ideal option for digital nomads and retirees seeking a long stay in Thailand.

This tier requires a full background check and financial documentation. It rewards members with a premium experience starting upon their arrival in the country. These include a Personal Elite Assistant, Premium Lane for immigration fast-tracking, annual health checkups, and wealth advisory services.


In addition to visa eligibility, members who choose this package receive access to exclusive perks and benefits. These include concierge services, a personal liaison to assist with government and bank transactions, and a personal assistant who can help you with various other tasks. In addition, a VIP limousine service is provided on arrival and departure.

The Gold membership package provides a 5-year visa validity period, and its membership fee is 900,000 THB. It is ideal for those who plan to spend a few years in Thailand and want the freedom that comes with it. Additionally, it offers privilege points that can be redeemed for travel, dining, wealth advisory sessions, and other leisure activities.


With this membership package, you get a premium Thai lifestyle. Unlike other visa membership packages, the Thailand Elite Visa Diamond has no financial, employment, or education requirements and only requires members to submit basic documentation to confirm their ability to sustain a lifestyle in Thailand. Members can then leverage privilege points to acquire the benefits they want, such as free hotel stays, golf course access, spa packages, and wealth advisory sessions.

Moreover, with this tier, you also have the benefit of an elite personal assistant on your arrival who will fast-track your immigration process. You will also enjoy access to the premium lane at airports for passport control, annual health checkups, and 365 days of personal accident insurance coverage.

In addition, platinum members get more privileges such as special shopping privileges, VIP movie tickets, and Thai boxing experiences. They can also access premium co-working spaces, wealth and investment advisory services, and exclusive networking events. This tier is open to anyone with a valid foreign passport.


Refined luxury life in Thailand is at your fingertips with the Diamond membership package. Redeem privilege points each year to experience benefits for travel, dining, wealth, leisure, and health & wellness.

Unlike previous packages, diamond members now have unlimited privilege point allowances that can be used for a wide variety of lifestyle perks. From golf clubs to spas, hotels and restaurants, you can choose which privileges are most important for you and your family.

To upgrade your membership, submit an application form, PDPA form, and photocopy of your passport to your General Sales and Service Agent (GSSA). Your GSSA will review your paperwork to catch any errors and forward it to Thailand Elite Visa for processing. Once you have passed the background check, you’ll receive an approval letter and invoice. Once payment is verified, you can expect to receive your welcome letter and membership ID within a few weeks. Then, you can begin your life in Thailand with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re protected.


As an upgraded member, you can receive a variety of exclusive privileges including wealth advisory, premium shopping experiences, private airport transfers, and even supercar test drive experiences. This membership also allows you to sponsor a spouse or children for whom you can get visas and enjoy additional benefits. The upgrade process is less time-consuming and requires fewer documents than the initial application. However, it still involves a substantial packet of forms and financial documentation that must be submitted.

To apply for the upgrade, you must submit a copy of your passport and complete the Thailand Privilege Card forms with the signature that matches your passport or travel document. You must also provide a recent color photo that is suitable for use in the Thailand Privilege Card database. You will then be required to pay the membership fee. Once the background check has been approved, you will receive a letter and invoice.

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