Thailand Business Visa

Also known as the non-immigrant “B” visa, the business visa serves two different purposes. First is for the entry of those who will be visiting Thailand to conduct business-related activities. Concrete examples of these activities are attending business seminars or conferences.

The other purpose caters to foreign employees working in Thailand. Since it facilitates the entry of foreign workers, many perceive this travel document as Thailand’s working visa. However, the work permit is not included in the issuance of the business visa. A separate application must be filed to obtain the permit in order to start working in Thailand.

Single and multiple-entry visas

Australian visitors must understand that the business visa comes in two forms. It is both a single and multiple-entry visa.

A single-entry visa entitles its holder to remain in Thailand for 90 days or 3 months. But, they can only use the visa once. Should they need more time, they can file for an extension application or apply for yet another visa. With the extension, they no longer need to exit Thailand.

On the other hand, a multiple-entry visa can be utilized for several times. Since it is valid for a year, its holders no longer need to acquire a new visa. But they need to leave Thailand every 90 days. A multiple-entry business visa is perfect to those who frequently travel to Thailand. It is more practical and evidently, more convenient.

Thailand Visa fees

Australian visitors must pay AUD 90 for single-entry visas, while multiple-entry visas are pegged at AUD 225. All fees are non-refundable. This explains why careful planning is readily required.

Payment options

All Australian backpackers can send their payments via money orders and bank cheques. They may also pay in cash.

Lodging the application and visa issuance

Visitors from Australia may personally submit their applications at the Royal Thai embassy in Canberra or resort to mailed applications. When mailing all the documents, they must ensure that they provide a self-addressed envelope. In addition, the embassy is not held responsible for document lost or damages.

Usually, the application is processed in three days, provided that all documentary requirements are present. The same rule applies to mailed applications. But since returning the self-addressed envelopes may consume a considerable amount of time, all applicants must submit allot 15 days for the whole application. It is also important to note that only complete applications shall be processed.


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