Long Term Visas to Thailand

For Australians who would want to stay longer in Thailand, you have the option to obtain long term visas in Thailand.

  • If you plan to do business or seek employment during your stay in Thailand, you will be required to apply for a Thai Business Visa and a work permit.
  • If you are 50 years old or above with sufficient amount of money for retiring in Thailand, you can apply for a Thai Retirement Visa.
  • For those who are married to a Thai national, a Thai Marriage Visa is available.

Thailand long-term visas

Australian visitors are allowed to have a long-term stay in Thailand based on marriage. Given this aspect at hand, the appropriate visa that they must acquire is the non-immigrant “O” visa. Technically, “O” refers to “other activities.” However, since it facilitates the entry of those who are visiting their families and relatives, this is more popularly known as the Thailand marriage visa.

The basic requirement of this visa is for applicants to have a bank deposit of THB 400,000 or a monthly income of THB 40,000. Like other non-immigrant visas, it only permits its holders to stay in Thailand for 90 days. However, the so-called “long-term effect” is only felt once an extension application is filed. Under such circumstance, the visa holder may now remain in Thailand for a year.

Another option for Australians is to apply for a retirement visa. As the term “retirement” implies, indeed, its holders are allowed to stay in the country for quite some time. Similar to the marriage visa, it also has a financial requirement. The requirement, however, is much higher. For the retirement visa, Australian pensioners must prove that they have THB 800,000 bank deposit or a monthly income/pension of THB 65,000. A combination of both is also accepted. In addition, they must be at least 50 years old during their visa application. The retirement visa enables them to remain in Thailand for a year.

Australians may also acquire a long-term visa based on employment. They can extend their business visas to a year. However, before applying for an extension, they must first see to it that their work permits have been already issued.

Lastly, Australian students in Thailand may also remain inside the country for a year. But in contrast to business visa holders, students cannot partake in full-time jobs.


Indeed, Thailand’s long-term visas are perfect for those who want to stay for a longer time in Thailand. Long-term visas, except for the educational visa, make its holders qualify for permanent residency in the Land of Smiles.


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