Long Term Visas to Thailand

Australian visitors are allowed to have a long-term stay in Thailand based on marriage. Given this aspect at hand, the appropriate visa that they must acquire is the non-immigrant “O” visa. Technically, “O” refers to “other activities.” However, since it facilitates the entry of those who are visiting their families and relatives, this is more popularly known as the Thailand marriage visa.

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Thai Marriage Visa

Thailand Marriage Visa

It has been a common scenario to see visa applicants get confused with the non-immigrant “O” visa and Thailand marriage visa. The truth is the

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Thai Retirement Visa

Thailand Retirement Visa

Thailand Retirement Visa is given to Australian pensioners who want to have a long term visa to Thailand to stay in the country. It is

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Thai Business Visa

Thailand Business Visa

Also known as the non-immigrant “B” visa, the business visa serves two different purposes. First is for the entry of those who will be visiting

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